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Pierson would probably be pleased if someone started the new year by adopting Jill Tarter in SETI’s “ Adopt a Scientist” program (see previous week SETI Thursday column on

You can’t get moral sauce from a Jill Tarter unless there is a soul inside.

The mechanism generates 20 times the force used by myosin, the motor in muscle.

Adopt a stance of unyielding opposition against lies, even if the whole world seems to have gone crazy over Darwin in the days ahead.SETI Institute CEO Tom Pierson loaded his cheery year-end greeting with all kinds of moral terms.In his short, upbeat article you can find references to gratitude, well-wishing, beauty, the human spirit, inventiveness, inquisitiveness, exploration, heartfelt thanks, gift-giving, understanding, humility, trust, promises, wisdom, pride, creativity, progress, discovery, significance, generosity, encouragement, quality, gratefulness, fellowship, helpfulness, happiness and industriousness.The virus they studied is a bacteriophage – a virus that infects and destroys bacteria.The cutaway diagram of the capsid shows the DNA wound neatly into a fabric-like pattern.

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