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The Company hereby notifies you that parental control protections () are commercially available and may be used to assist with limiting access to the Company Sites to minors. We may refuse to register any person or service any order at any time, at our sole discretion. The Company&Close Curly Quote;s role in the transactions contemplated by these Terms & Conditions is that of a service provider that enables you, the consumer, to purchase wine and related products from those retailers holding valid licenses issued by state alcohol beverage agencies allowing for the legal sale of wine (the "Licensed Retailers") and to participate in the services and/or any other product offers offered on the Company Sites.You acknowledge that all orders of wine and related products you place through the use of the Company Sites are processed and fulfilled by such Licensed Retailers, as the actual sellers of wine, and not by the Company.Please review our with respect to what PII we share with third parties, including our Brand Partners, and the terms of such sharing.As a member of a Wine Club, you are generally entitled to receive one (1) case of wine (approximately twelve (12) bottles) every calendar quarter (approximately every twelve (12) weeks) while your particular Wine Club membership is active.We reserve the right to contact the service provider of your method of payment to conduct periodic security checks.

You will be notified at the point of purchase as to the applicable shipping charges and taxes, which you are responsible for paying, that are applied to your particular individual order or to your shipments pursuant to your Wine Club membership(s).

IN THE EVENT PRODUCT PRICING CHANGES WITH RESPECT TO WINE CLUB SHIPMENTS, THE COMPANY WILL NOTIFY YOU IN ADVANCE OF SUCH PRICE MODIFICATION AND YOU WILL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIP TO THE WINE CLUB PRIOR TO BEING CHARGED FOR YOUR NEXT SHIPMENT. If you have any requests (including club or order cancelations), questions or comments about your orders made in connection with the Wine Services, Wine Club membership registration, your Account, your PII, the Company Sites, or any other questions or comments relating to our products and services, please contact us at: Eligibility.

You represent and warrant that you are at least twenty-one (21) years of age.

Your membership in a particular Wine Club also provides that during the year you will receive promotional offers from us and our Brand Partners, as applicable, for additional shipments of wine cases from a Licensed Retailer, including, without limitation, the Company&Close Curly Quote;s biannual holiday shipments of one (1) additional case of wine, which are generally offered once during the summer season and once during the winter season (the "Holiday Shipments").

You will be notified by the Company in advance of such promotional shipments, including, without limitation, the Holiday Shipments, and such communication will include the applicable terms of the offer, including the price, taxes and shipping charges.

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