Dating violence in high school a profile of the victims

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In May 2012, a judge determined that Lane was competent to stand trial.

He pleaded guilty and received three life sentences on March 19, 2013.

The weapon Lane used in the shooting was a .22 caliber handgun.

At an initial court hearing, the prosecutor revealed that he admitted to shooting 10 rounds of ammunition from the gun during the shooting, which began in the school cafeteria at approximately a.m., shortly after school started.

On September 11, 2014, Lane, along with two other inmates, escaped from Allen Correctional Institution in Lima, Ohio. Two students, Joy Rickers and Nick Walczak, were taken to local Hillcrest Hospital, while Daniel Parmertor, Russell King, and Demetrius Hewlin were flown by helicopter to Metro Health Medical Center in Cleveland.

A witness, Nate Mueller, said that King had recently started dating Lane's former girlfriend.

The physical, psychological, behavioral and economic consequences of child maltreatment are explained below.

Analysis of the crime and comparisons to similar attacks began immediately following the shooting.Other student witnesses said that it appeared as if Lane was specifically aiming for King, indicating that he was the first to be shot.The students stated that King had previously threatened to beat Lane up.Child abuse and neglect affect children’s health now and later, and costs to our country are significant.Neglect, physical abuse, custodial interference, and sexual abuse are types of child maltreatment that can lead to poor physical and mental health well into adulthood.

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