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But the 38-year-old was met by the Internet Interceptors group, who had been posing as the underage girl and live streamed the confrontation for more than 130,000 viewers on Facebook.Despite sending the decoy explicit messages, the married father-of-one said he only wanted to have lunch with the girl until hunters read his Whatsapp conversations aloud.

Cody told the State Journal on Tuesday that the university filed the lawsuit because it found itself in a position where it felt it needed judicial guidance.

A message was left seeking comment from ESPN, which declined to comment on the record.

ESPN sued MSU in 2014 after the university responded to a FOIA request by providing copies of reports with the names of student-athletes listed as suspects, witnesses or victims redacted, according to court records.

Moreover, Harrington has the authority to order cases to go to court martial, including those involving sexual assault and harassment."The message he's sending is that the rules don’t apply to him," Christensen said.

"It erodes confidence in the junior officers and enlisted soldiers who serve under him.

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